The Reliability and QoS of MPLS

The Flexibility of a Cloud Service

The Economy of Business Internet

in One Cloud Private Network

in One
Cloud Private Network

Extend the Value

Carrier-grade, affordable cloud private network
for SaaS, remote access, site-to-site, and UC

Get Instant, Global
UCaaS Reliability

Turnkey global cloud private network
for UC Providers

Business Needs a New Backbone

The internet isn’t reliable enough for mission-critical business, or for applications that require low latency like UC. In fact, 99.5% of latency variance happens in the core (first + middle miles). Hardware-defined private networks like MPLS are very reliable, but inflexible and costly. Businesses need the reliability and QoS of MPLS, but as a flexible, affordable cloud service.

The Promise of SD-CORE

SD-CORE brings the value of software-defined infrastructure to the network core. The ideal SD-CORE is a carrier-grade global network purely built using software components. It must offer customers control, agility, flexibility, and elasticity – while remaining affordable. This isn’t possible without replacing the way networks route data with something much better.

Math to the Core

The Mode breakthrough changes networking forever. Mode is based on a math discovery that replaces traditional routing at layers 2 and 3 of the OSI model. This allows Mode — and Mode alone — to deliver the theoretical limit of performance.

Highest-Performing Cloud Private Network

Mode acts as a global overlay for carrier-grade networks like Microsoft Azure and Ericsson UDN, an edge compute network formed in partnership with nearly 100 service providers worldwide. Together they form Mode Core, the highest-performing cloud private network in the world, delivering MPLS reliability and QoS as an affordable, flexible cloud service.

Core Flexibility à la Mode

Mode Core offers the reliability of hardware-defined networks like MPLS, with the flexibility and elasticity of cloud in setup, management, bandwidth, transparency, and use.

Extending the Value of SD-WAN

SD-WAN providers and enterprises use Mode Core side-by-side with MPLS and internet as an affordable, elastic, reliable cloud private network with SLA guarantees for UC, SaaS, remote access, and site-to-site.

Instant, Global UCaaS Reliability

UC providers use Mode Core as a global core network that brings ultimate UC performance worldwide for hundredths of a cent per video connection minute. Extend your current core network, or go global without having to build one in the first place.

Pure Math Backbone
for a Post-HTTP World

App platforms that need ultra low latency (ULL) use Mode Core for the near elimination of latency variance over any connection, worldwide.