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SD-CORE technologies ... allow organizations to reduce their bandwidth spending without compromising network performance

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Business Needs a New Backbone

Business Needs a New Backbone

The internet isn't reliable enough for mission-critical business, or for applications that require low latency like UC. In fact, 99.5% of latency variance happens in the core (first + middle miles). Hardware-defined private networks like MPLS are very reliable, but inflexible and costly. Businesses need the reliability and QoS of MPLS, but as a flexible, affordable cloud service.

The Promise of SD-CORE

The Promise of SD-CORE

SD-CORE brings the value of software-defined infrastructure to the network core. The ideal SD-CORE is a carrier-grade global network purely built using software components. It must offer customers control, agility, flexibility, and elasticity — while remaining affordable. This isn't possible without replacing the way networks route data with something much better.

The Promise of SD-CORE
Math to the Core

Math to the Core

The Mode breakthrough changes networking forever. Mode is based on a math discovery that replaces traditional routing at layers 2 and 3 of the OSI model. This allows Mode — and Mode alone — to deliver the theoretical limit of performance.

Highest-Performing Cloud Private Network

Highest-Performing Cloud Private Network

Mode acts as a global overlay for carrier-grade networks like Microsoft Azure and Ericsson UDN, an edge compute network formed in partnership with nearly 100 service providers worldwide. Together they form Mode Core, the highest-performing cloud private network in the world, delivering MPLS reliability and QoS as an affordable, flexible cloud service.

Highest-Performing Cloud Private Network