Stop Clouding Around

If your business relies on applications and infrastructure running in the cloud, you know how much reliable, high-performance connectivity contributes to the end user's quality of experience.

For Enterprises, SD-WAN provides last-mile reliability, cloud orchestration, and IPSEC-based security and privacy.

The Year of No-Worry SD-WAN

A few months ago, David Hughes, CEO of Silver Peak, wrote a piece titled "2019 Predictions: the Year of SD-WAN."

I read the article and liked it so much that I snatched it back and held it with my GTD (shout out to Todoist, and Buddy Guy) for a future blog. Thanks, David!

Mode for Dummkopfs

I really wanted to go with "dummy" but I was alerted to all the wonderful lawsuit potential. Still, I argued, we are a young company. No one will notice or care. And then I stared down at my weisswurst and spaetzle, and this happened. Not really. But let's imagine it anyway, like a magic trick we just want to believe.

Building Enterprise Compliance
& High-Performance Networks

Mode should be in your SD-WAN's future

Dear readers: I'm taking a break this week. You've heard my perspective across 20 blog entries. It's time for someone else. And that someone else is a very special guest blogger. Searl Tate.

What, Mode Worry?

We worry so you don't have to.

Welcome to the No-Worry Network.
We know what keeps CIOs up at night. Compliance worries. Security worries. Network downtime worries. Performance worries. Even cost worries.

One Less Problem... for Your SD-WAN

I have pretty eclectic music taste. These days, I'm into Buddy Guy. I can swing from Duke to Zeppelin to Shostakovich in a single sitting. But you won't catch me listening to the top 40. No how, no way.

Except at the gym.

Baby It's Mode Outside

Another holiday, another cultural controversy. Are we having fun yet?

Still, as tempting as it might be to wade into these particularly murky musical waters, we should probably focus on something we can ALL agree on...

SD-WAN May Not Be Perfect...

...but the right SD-CORE will make you believe it could be.

It's that time of year. 2018 is on its way out the door. We're winding things down, and we're making plans. And in 2019, the single most important thing you can do to enhance your SD-WAN is to connect it to an SD-CORE.

re:Invented to the Core

You've got to hand it to Amazon. They have their fingers in a LOT of pies. Makes you think – if they had known they'd get this pervasive at the beginning, maybe they'd have chosen a different name. I mean, the jungle is pretty big, but it's not a global phenomenon.

A Safe Space for Packets

One of the benefits of being in a startup is that you have a lot more freedom to completely go off the reservation, on occasion. Once you get to a certain size, everyone gets a lot more serious. And then this kind of editorialized fun comes to a dead stop. You know what I mean. So let's enjoy it while we can, shall we?

Second Floor! Internet Core Measurements and Office Supplies

As I sit here sipping my fourth Coke Zero of the day (true), next to a former starting outside linebacker for the 49ers (also true, and a much longer story), I am reflecting on how to break some very exciting news to you.

Internet Core is Complicating Cloud-Era Connectivity

The cloud era has been anything but simple for businesses. In fact, a lot of the challenges they face may be attributed to how hard it is for network operations teams to consistently provide reliable connectivity among their employees, assets, applications, and services.

The Internet — "The Good Parts Version" with apologies to William Goldman

Who doesn't love The Princess Bride? I got my first copy at the Dartmouth bookstore outside of summer camp (for those who've been reading this blog, you'll recognize the tie-in to the very first Mode post). No, the movie isn't nearly as good.

We'll Always Have Paris — SD-CORE whispers to SD-WAN

There was no Bogart. No tearful goodbyes. But the Mode team left Paris with something better — confidence. Not just our confidence, but yours. You, the CIO, the VP Network Operations. For some time, you've feared the transition to the cloud.

Their Peanut Butter, Our Chocolate

Talk about a busy week. You know the way fast-growth startups can be. Some weeks, you're just pushing that boulder. And other weeks, it comes at you nonstop, and you just don't have enough hours in the day.

The Internet is Awesome, Right?

In our last blog, we asked a simple question: is the internet good enough? In fact, this is typically how our sales conversations start: Mode Sales Guy, "Hi VP IT, why do you use MPLS today when the internet is so great and cheap?"

Is the Internet Good Enough?

How's that for clickbait? OK, in fairness, the internet is pretty darned good. I like to think of it as the biggest infrastructure project in the history of humanity (truth). It's transformed our lives and our world in profound ways. It seems pretty short-sighted to rail against it.

Cisco, SD-WAN, and Routers ... Oh My!

We were very excited to read that Cisco was integrating their Viptela SD-WAN into one million of its routers. Cisco is clearly committed to SD-WAN, everywhere. At Mode, we are committed to ENHANCING SD-WAN, everywhere. We are thrilled that we are so aligned!

Hey look, Ma, I tripled the Internet!

A few days ago, news broke that Amazon was going to sell its own network devices. This led to a precipitous drop in the value of a number of market leaders, and the quick denial of any such move by Amazon itself — in the form of a direct phone call to Cisco.


It's hard for a startup to create a new solution category. It's generally a bad idea. Everyone thinks of the world in a contemporaneous paradigm, and they want to stick you into the right preexisting box. There is little startups can do to change that.

SD-WAN is Hot, and So Are We.

Two weeks ago, we launched Mode. Launches are full of hope and anticipation, but the truth is you're probably going to have a long wait before the world notices you even exist. So you can imagine my surprise when I woke up to find Mode in a top 10 list from Network World. In an article that used the word "hot" to describe us. Twice. That wasn't expected, at least not so soon.

Zero-Sum Connectivity

The folks at SDxCentral wrote an interesting piece this past week. "Why SD-WAN Won't Kill MPLS." Interesting, because in truth it reads like an advertisement for Mode. Except, we had nothing to do with it. As a startup, you live for moments like these when the market gives you a big, hearty affirmation that your raison d'être isn't delusional.

The day is finally here.

We've been waiting for years to share what we're doing with the rest of the world. It started at Cornell in a research lab, was vetted working with the NSF on their GENI network, then moved to the West Coast and won the AT&T SDN Network Challenge. And now it's here and networks as we know them will never be the same.

The Inevitability of Autonomy

I remember leaving camp with my parents on visiting day, late 70s, New Hampshire. It was hot and sticky and bright green out as we drove to the Dartmouth campus and the Kiewit Computation Center. Inside was cool and crisp. White and sterile, with the hint of a hum among the rows of machines. On display was connectivity, and it was mesmerizing.