Zero-Sum Connectivity

The folks at SDxCentral wrote an interesting piece this past week. “Why SD-WAN Won’t Kill MPLS.” Interesting, because in truth it reads like an advertisement for Mode. Except, we had nothing to do with it. As a startup, you live for moments like these when the market gives you a big, hearty affirmation that your raison d’être isn’t delusional.

Could it be that SD-WAN providers promised more than they could deliver? The author seems to think so.

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The day is finally here.

We’ve been waiting for years to share what we’re doing with the rest of the world. It started at Cornell in a research lab, was vetted working with the NSF on their GENI network, then moved to the West Coast and won the AT&T SDN Network Challenge. And now it’s here and networks as we know them will never be the same. We are Mode, and we have created the world’s first autonomous software-defined network.

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The Inevitability of Autonomy

I remember leaving camp with my parents on visiting day, late 70s, New Hampshire. It was hot and sticky and bright green out as we drove to from Lake Arlington to Hanover, to the Dartmouth campus and the Kiewit Computation Center. Inside was cool and crisp. White and sterile, with the hint of a hum among the rows of machines. On display was connectivity, and it was mesmerizing. A few years later, in 1982, I leveraged this family memory and asked my father for an Apple II for my bar mitzvah.

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The Highest-Performing SD-CORE
True MPLS Reliability. Cloud Flexibility. Business-Internet Pricing.