Case Studies


Researchers deployed a network across the United States, using the shared compute resources at GENI Points of Presence (PoPs) to create virtual routers. They then used a randomly generated, high-demand traffic matrix to set the communication rates among PoPs, while the routers at each PoP ran Mode HALO.

AT&T SDN Challenge

The AT&T challenge was to provide an optimal solution on a prototypical carrier network in the face of rapidly rising dynamic traffic demand, with an emphasis on efficiency and cost-effectiveness. The Mode team leveraged Mode HALO to deliver a near-optimal solution in approximately thirty seconds.

More Studies

Additional tests were designed to confirm the ability of Mode HALO to scale to hundreds of locations, while handling Tbps of traffic; to respond to traffic changes designed to overload individual link capacity; and to reveal differences between Mode HALO and best-practices Shortest Path Routing.