Add China to Your Global Enterprise Control Plane
and Performance Core Network

Global Private
Fiber Backbone from
Singtel and Ericsson

Autonomous Millisecond Control for unmatched efficiency and affordability

Highest QoE for demanding applications, including interactive voice & video

Support for any Edge solution, including SD-WAN, Cisco ISR/ASR, etc.

Affordable Private interconnectivity with
AWS, GCP, Azure, Alibaba

Available From

Mode/Singtel SD-CORE for Enterprises: Features

Global Virtual Private Network

Global software overlay fabric built using carrier-grade software components — bypasses the unreliability of the public Internet, and delivers consistent latencies and negligible packet loss for predictable application performance to global users

Full Core Network Visibility

Not just edge visibility, but full core visibility into application and flow level metrics — full provider and enterprise-wide visibility into WAN core performance and application usage and flows

Scalability and Redundancy

Mode PoPs, autonomous software routers, and gateways are designed for high availability and service guarantees. Scalable and redundant capacity is automatically orchestrated for branch-to-branch, branch-to-datacenter, and branch-to-cloud access

One-Click Network Provisioning

Deploy a global WAN in minutes — Mode self-service portal enables zero-touch deployment of networks that connect branches, clouds and SaaS applications

Autonomous Control

Automatic routing control based on real-time network metrics — link utilization, latency, jitter and packet loss

Multi-Tenant Design

A distributed network of multi-tenant Mode Autonomous Routers and gateways that support optimal and high-performance connectivity to branch office, cloud and enterprise datacenters worldwide

Cloud Interoperability

Seamlessly integrates cloud/SaaS applications, with fully automated provisioning, deployment and management


Mode SD-CORE is operated in highly secure datacenters. Data in rest and transit is always encrypted with end to end IPsec tunnels

Full Integration with Leading SD-WAN Solutions

Full end-to-end solution integration with leading SD-WAN vendors

Bandwidth Elasticity

On-demand network bandwidth scaling — network adapts to changing application and business demands

Fully Managed Service

End-to-end monitoring and support