Core Flexibility à la Mode

Mode Core offers the reliability of hardware-defined networks like MPLS, enhanced with the flexibility of cloud. No CPE is required, and all edge devices are supported. Our orchestration system enables the spin up of a secure, global network within sixty seconds. This makes it easy to create many networks, and micro-segment by application. The combination of Mode HALO and Mode orchestration allows customers to change their network capacity within seconds, or spin up entirely new networks in the same time — all with zero perturbation of existing networks.


The Mode Core portal supports new network creation and deployment, holistic network management, and real-time performance analysis. Bandwidth is elastic, and expands on demand. You only pay for what you use, at a cost similar to business internet. Mode replaces black-box backbones, giving users end-to-end visibility and transparent management.

FIGURE 2: Bandwidth dynamically adjusts to your needs — you only pay for what you use