The Promise of SD-CORE

SD-CORE brings the value of software-defined infrastructure to the network core. SD-CORE is a carrier-grade, software-based global network that is purely built using software components. An ideal SD-CORE offers full control over network creation, management, policy, and QoS. It is agile and flexible, with nearly instantaneous provisioning, node and service management. The ideal SD-CORE provides full visibility into traffic, flow, applications, users, and telemetry. It is elastic, providing burst capacity in the face of application need, without long-term financial commitments. Most importantly, an ideal SD-CORE must be affordable to be used extensively.

An ideal SD-CORE dramatically reduces latency variance

Packet-switched routing networks are dynamical systems that have not benefited from closed-loop control. In the absence of such control, very basic, heuristic protocols like BGP and OSPF were developed. Replacing these inefficient methods is the essential step towards realizing the curve-jump in resource efficiency required to build an ideal SD-CORE. Simple network optimizations like WANOP, caching, and TCP tuning are not sufficient.

Closed-loop routing control is needed for a breakthrough in network efficiency