Highest-Performing SD-CORE

The logical next step was to build a global network controlled by Mode HALO, leveraging its inherent efficiencies to offer SLA-backed reliability at a business-internet price point. Legacy routers are not designed for dynamic control algorithms, so Mode has designed a virtual, carrier-grade router that can be dynamically provisioned, modified, and controlled — the Mode Router.

Mode has leveraged architectural innovations that guarantee high availability and multi-tenancy via the Mode Router. Mode has additionally developed techniques to combine these individual virtual routers into larger routers which can scale to match any demand.

FIGURE 1: Mode HALO + Global Underlays = the highest-performing SD-CORE

Mode acts as a global overlay implemented over carrier-grade networks like Microsoft Azure and Ericsson UDN — an edge compute network formed in partnership with over 100 service providers worldwide. Ericsson selected Mode to cooperatively redefine the limits of network performance and reliability.

FIGURE 2: Mode Core is everywhere business is done

Mode Core is the combination of the Mode overlay and these performance-first underlays. Mode and its partners have created an autonomous global network with multiples of throughput performance, and the near elimination of latency variance. Mode Core is the world’s highest-performing SD-CORE.

FIGURE 3: Mode Core practically eliminates latency variance across any distance


MPLS Reliability and QoS.
Cloud Service Flexibility.
Business-Internet Pricing.
One Cloud Private Network