Enterprise WAN in the Cloud Era


Paul Dawes, CEO, Mode


Thursday, December 20th, 10:00 a.m. (PDT)
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Key points:

  1. The value of SD-WAN Edge Control
  2. The case for Core ControlTM: #1 SD-WAN Enhancement
  3. Choosing the ideal SD-CORE: performance, security, and cost


Over last decade we have seen the gradual movement of critical business infrastructure — compute, storage, applications, and services — to the cloud. The cloud reinvention of traditional private WAN is still incomplete. SD-WAN has delivered powerful edge control, but its potential is limited by an unpredictable Internet Core that makes it difficult to keep businesses always-on. SD-CORE extends SD-WAN edge control to the network core, and marks the final stage in the cloud metamorphosis of private, high-availability business WAN.