3 Must-Do's for Peak SD-WAN Performance


Nithin Michael, Founder & CTO, Mode
Steve Garson, Founder, SD-WAN Experts


Wednesday, November 28th, 10:00 a.m. (PDT)
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Key points:

  1. How to select the right ISPs and why
  2. How to analyze what locations need QoS for latency sensitive applications
  3. Why you should use SD-CORE as part of the network design


SD-WANs bring powerful adaptive control to the branch edge. Beyond the edge, they typically rely on the Internet to deliver much of this benefit. This dependency has a significant risk: Internet backbones can introduce a level of unpredictability that complicates the job of delivering reliable WANs. In this presentation, Steve Garson of SD-WAN Experts will detail three simple steps you can take today to mitigate Internet unpredictability, or even eliminate it entirely — all while preserving the key benefits of software-defined networking: flexibility, reliability, and economy.